This year men will be mostly wearing… something special.

Blue and white men's underwear from Clever Moda

This year men will be mostly wearing… something special.

Pamela Scott, editor of Underlines, the UK’s leading men’s underwear and women’s lingerie trade magazine, asked some of the world’s leading designer brands what’s new and happening this year.

Luxury, sophisticated design and top quality fabrics are the strongest influences for 2015. See what’s coming (or already here at Deadgoodundies.com which sells several collections highlighted in the article)…

Jane Garner is a journalist as well as one of the partners in DGU. She is a long standing contributor to Underlines, writing about dead good undies of all kinds.

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Jane Garner is an underwear expert in two ways - as a journalist who's worked with the fashion industry for more than 25 years and a partner in Deadgoodundies.com which is dedicated to selling underwear for men and men's swimwear.

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