The IBMO campaign for men’s underwear shoppers has begun!

Clipping from article about the IBMO campaign

Partner in Deadgoodundies online men’s underwear store, Jane Garner, has decided it’s time to call the men of the world to action – and start buying their own underpants!

Explaining the thinking behind the IBMO (I Buy My Own) campaign, undies expert Jane says: “Men are perfectly happy to buy their own swimwear but rely on someone else… mum, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend, to buy their tried and tested briefs or boxers.”

Faithful high street shoppers might be surprised to hear that it is micro brief and thong shapes that are the most popular at the specialist men’s website. “Deadgoodundies.com provides a private arena for fellas to shop at leisure and perhaps brave styles they wouldn’t buy in a shop, or ask somebody else to buy for them.”

Jane will be encouraging men’s underwear fans to earn their IBMO badge through DGU’s ever growing social media channels. Find Deadgoodundies on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube.

Jane Garner is an underwear expert in two ways - as a journalist who's worked with the fashion industry for more than 25 years and a partner in Deadgoodundies.com which is dedicated to selling underwear for men and men's swimwear.

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