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America’s Jezebel website, the ‘Home of Shiny Happy Ladies’ is all about celebrity, sex and fashion – and now men’s underwear. And the double standards that seem to apply when it comes to talking about and looking at men in underpants.

Hardly anyone will bat an eye at a picture of a woman in a bra and briefs, but studying a shot of a man in just his undercrackers can provoke all kinds of odd reactions. Often laughter. Sometimes a speedy sprint in the opposite direction.

Jane agrees with the blogger: “Why are pictures of men in their undies so much more scary than ladies in lingerie?”

Jane, a partner in the men’s underwear and swimwear website Deadgoodundies.com and a fashion journalist who has written about women’s (and men’s) underwear for more than 20 years, believes the cause could be lack of familiarity.

“Apart from pictures of David Beckham in his undies and shots of movie stars on the beach in wet shorts, we don’t see enough men’s underwear on real men!” she says. “Women don’t tend to have a problem and thoroughly enjoy taking a closer look at the underwear, and the male model.

“Men on the other hand can be rather bashful. It might have something to do with the fact that the majority of males still don’t buy their own underpants – and could that be because they’re just too embarrassed? New undies just appear in their drawer, so they don’t look at the products, check out the fabrics or colours, or just about anything before they wear them!”

So where to buy the best men’s underwear? Deadgoodundies.com of course!

“Thank heaven for websites like DGU where the whole process is totally private and men can find, try and enjoy men’s designer underwear without the risk of being spotted,” says Jane. “Even DGU parcels are completely plain so the secret stays safe.”

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