Deadgoodundies favourite flies the flag ahead of Mr Gay Europe contest

Mr Gay UK looks hot for waterfall swimwear shoot
Mr Gay UK Stuart Hatton Jr at a waterfall in Body Art men's swimwear

With Mr Gay UK Stuart Hatton competing this week for the title of Mr Gay Europe, men’s underwear specialists Deadgoodundies thought it was as good a time as any to take him to one of Shropshire’s most picturesque landscapes for a photoshoot.

Amid the backdrop of a beautiful waterfall in Carding Mill Valley, Stuart got down to his sexy swimwear and immersed himself in the not so warm waters. Luckily he was suitably endowed for the cold not to matter.

The shoot featured Body Art swim briefs adorned with patriotic Union Jacks, presented to him especially for the occasion by Deadgoodundies and the swimmers he’ll be wearing in the June 11th swimwear round of the competition. Stuart also won Mr Gay UK wearing a pair of Mundo Unico rainbow stripe shorts, also from DGU.

Stuart’s training regime leading up to event must be unique among competitors because it involves several hours of dancing every day…

“I’m lucky with my job – I run the family’s dance school in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. It’s very physical which helps me keep in shape, dancing eight to 10 hours a day, teaching mostly ballroom and Latin. It’s very much cardio work, shorts bursts of activity, so to balance that I go to the gym twice a week. There I have a personal trainer who keeps me moving too.”

Another vital element of his preparations for Mr Gay Europe is Stuart’s diet: “I’m eating well, sticking with red meat and green vegetables to keep my body in the best possible shape.”

So let’s all wish him luck and cheer on our favourite Geordie boy. http://www.mrgayeurope.com/vote/.

Jane Garner is an underwear expert in two ways - as a journalist who's worked with the fashion industry for more than 25 years and a partner in Deadgoodundies.com which is dedicated to selling underwear for men and men's swimwear.

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