A WOMAN IN MEN’S UNDERWEAR – someone’s got to do it

Jane Garner with Jase Dean

It’s not often a female journalist from a magazine like US Cosmopolitan goes behind the scenes at an all-male fashion show, especially when it’s presenting underwear for men.

But when Lane Moore did just that, and interviewed several hot hunks face to face at the 2(X)IST event, she forgot that she was SUPPOSED to look at the goods.

Lane’s hilarious article has won top marks from men’s underwear expert Jane Garner, who confesses she often recognises her website Deadgoodundies.com’s models more by their torso and crown jewels than their faces.

“As they say, it’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it…” Jane laughs.

“It’s definitely not the hardest part of my job, helping to choose our latest models and occasionally adjusting a wrinkle here or there during a photoshoot.”

The Cosmo feature does highlight an important point, though, she adds: “Even a professional journalist was a bit intimidated by the idea of looking at the undies, even though she was backstage with one of the world’s top men’s underwear brands (which I’m delighted to say is making a welcome return to DGU early next year).

“Once the guys were doing their bit on the catwalk, strutting their stuff in all its glory, she was much happier to study the products on show – as well as the gorgeous guys wearing them.”

Jane has a tick list for a good look on the website she runs with her husband Adam Davies. First, they both have to agree the model is right for the site, which is dedicated to men’s underwear and swimwear, along with lounge and leisurewear, nightwear, socks, tops, t-shirts and accessories from more than 20 brands.

“We do go for good looks, but more importantly a toned physique rather than full-on ripped, a nicely shaped bum and sufficient equipment to fill a standard pouch – some collections are more snug, others a bit more roomy – so the fit is perfect. DGU aims to show the underwear first, the model is an attractive prop (sorry guys!). Nobody flinches at seeing women in lingerie, and we’d love people, especially males, to be more relaxed about seeing guys in their pants too.”

So remember, when you spot an ad or article, or a website populated with men in nothing but their underpants, don’t look away, step closer and check out the briefs, boxers, whatever they’re wearing. The rest is window dressing.

Jane Garner is an underwear expert in two ways - as a journalist who's worked with the fashion industry for more than 25 years and a partner in Deadgoodundies.com which is dedicated to selling underwear for men and men's swimwear.

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